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Company profile

Company profile


Thermeta Service BV is an internationally operating company specialised in the design, production, installation and maintenance of combustion devices/plants of an excellent quality. Thermeta Service BV is one of the major burner manufacturers in the Netherlands. The Thermeta Service BV burners have been installed all over the world and are used by many satisfied customers for diverse applications.

With almost 50 years experience in industrial combustion, Thermeta Service BV is leading with respect to innovation, quality and service in the Netherlands.

Today Thermeta Service BV offers its customers a highly diverse and complete range of high-quality products and services and with this it has obtained a strong position in the market. Thermeta Service BV offers a broad range of burners with a selection of, among other things, gas, bio-gas and bio-oil burners and combined gas and oil burners. The burners are delivered in a capacity range from 10 kW to 20 MW. In short: for each application and capacity Thermeta is the place to be. Apart from this, Thermeta Service BV also delivers condensers, CO2 sets, boilers, electric panels, flue gas and CO2 pipes complete with source valve control and nozzles.

Thermeta has its own fully equipped development, production and electronic departments and an extensive service organisation. The service engineers take care of the commissioning of the burner equipment, maintenance and periodic inspections. Besides, Thermeta Service BV offers a 24-hour emergency service that can quickly be present at any location in the Netherlands. Thermeta has been certified for SCIOS for carrying out the required maintenance, inspections and measurements. All Thermeta Service BV LN ventilator burners meet the GASTEC QA Low NOx criteria.

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