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Service department/SCIOS certification


Thermeta Service BV has its own fully equipped development, production and electronic departments and an extended service organisation.

The Thermeta service engineers take care of the commissioning of the burner equipment, maintenance and periodic inspections. Besides, Thermeta offers a 24-hour emergency service that can be quickly at any location in the Netherlands. Thermeta has been certified for SCIOS 1) for carrying out the required maintenance, inspections and measurements.

Thermeta Service BV has SCIOS certification for the following scopes:

Scope 1 - Atmospheric heating boilers and air heaters

Scope 2 - Hot water boilers & air heaters with ventilator burners

Scope 3 - Steam boilers and hot water boilers

Scope 4 - Internal combustion engines and turbines

Scope 5 - Special industrial systems

  • ovens
  • furnaces in the processing industry
  • drying systems
  • after burners
  • air heaters
  • combustion plants (not standard)
  • directly fired air heaters

Scope 6 - NOx measurements/Bees B measurements (also with respect to CHPs)

The service department delivers the following service (among others):

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • First special inspections
  • Periodic inspections
  • Periodic maintenance
  • BEES B measurements
  • Locate/remedy faults

For further information please contact Thermeta Service BV.

Service for equipment of other brands:
Of course, Thermeta Service BV has the most experience and expertise with respect to its own products, but we also professionally and effectively maintain a considerable number of burners of other brands.

Thermeta Service BV delivers its services to among other things:
  • Burner systems general
  • Combustion plants general
  • Atmospheric burners
  • Ventilator burners
  • CHPs
  • Gas turbines
  • Burners of all brands
  • Gas burners
  • Oil burners
  • Heavy oil burners
  • Bio-oil burners
  • Industrial burners
  • Directly fired air heaters
  • Indirectly fired air heaters
  • Burners for boilers
  • Burners for WOK combustion plants
  • Burners for VOS combustion plants
  • Burners of thermal soil decontamination systems
  • Burners for after burning
  • Steam heaters

Stichting Certificatie Inspectie en Onderhoud Stookinstallaties [Foundation for Certification, Inspection and Maintenance of Combustion Plants] (SCIOS) manages a quality system in the specific area of professional combustion plants. For this the foundation has set up the SCIOS certification system. Owners of a SCIOS certificate carry out maintenance and inspection activities in compliance with the legally required quality concerning efficiency, safety and environmental impact. The SCIOS was founded on 27 May 1998 and is managed by a board in which the competent authority (the municipalities), those subject to Order in Council (the buyers) and executives are represented and with an independent chairman. SCIOS is supported by a Central Council of Experts that consists of representatives of AVAG, Gasunie, KW2, VIV/VLWK, FIGO, VNI, FME/CVM/VFK, observants on behalf of LMI/FHI and Visa committee, representatives of the associated certifying authorities.

For further information please contact Thermeta Service BV.

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