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Acknowledgements, memberships and participation


Thermeta Service BV is a technologically experienced company qualified in design, production, installation, commissioning, maintenance and solving failures in the area of industrial burners and complete combustion plants. In this Thermeta Service BV complies with the nationally and internationally recognised standards and basic requirements:

  • European Machinery Directive (MD) 89/392/EEC
  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC
  • Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) 89/336

The design and application of the Thermeta Service BV LN-series burners is in conformity with the following (harmonised) standards:

  • EN746-1:1997
  • Visa-B (NL standard for gas combustion installations with forced draught burners with max. capacity > 660 kW (ow)

The Thermeta Service BV internal Quality Assurance Systems ensure conformity with the applicable standards.

VCA - Contractors safety checklist

VCA is a versatile and complete programme with which service-providing companies can be objectively and structurally tested and certified for their VGM management system (VGM is Veiligheid, Gezondheid, Milieu [safety, health, environment]).

Member of the Metal Union (Metaalunie)

The Metaalunie is with 12.000 members the largest employers' organisation for small-scale and medium-scale companies in the metal industry. It focuses on metal companies up to about 100 employees in diverse sectors


The certification inspection and maintenance of combustion plants foundation manages a quality system in the specific working area of professional combustion plants.
SCIOS is assisted by a central council of experts consisting of representatives of AVAG, Gasunie, KW2, VIV/VLWK, FIGO, VNI, FME/CVM/VFK, observers on behalf of LMI/FHI and the Visa-committee, representatives of the associated CI's.


Professional association for SCIOS-certified companies.
The objective of BVS is to support the SCIOS-certified members of this association in developing, promoting and improving SCIOS.
Apart from this, we want to inform the organisations that have interfaces with SCIOS about developments and provide information.


Union of manufacturers and importers of and wholesalers in gas and oil burners.

Recognised student company

Recognised student company Metal
Recognised student company Administration
Recognised student company Electrics


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