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Thermeta Service BV is renowned for its progressiveness and it was the first in the Netherlands to be granted the WBSO subsidy (research and development). This was officially done by the then Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr Andriessen.

Thermeta Service BV has been leading in the area of products for industrial combustion plants for many years. This is also because of the continuous urge to push limits and accept challenges. Where many stop, Thermeta Service BV goes on. This has resulted in development of innovative products that many customers of Thermeta Service BV benefit from.

In the field of burners

Innovation particularly shows in the Thermeta Service BV LN-series of burners that innovation has made unique in design and model, allowing for servicing a broad range of applications with one concept for various fuels. Constant innovation has resulted in burners that excel by:

  • Very low emissions for NOx, CO and unburnt residues
  • Solid
  • High efficiency
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy operation
  • Flexibly usable
  • Flexible in fuel selection
  • Long life
  • Extensive documentation
  • Good service department
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Short delivery periods

Reduction modification set for existing burners

Because of the constantly rising energy prices and because of increase of efficiency with the horticulturists, the capacity of existing burners may be too large. The Thermeta LN-series burners have been designed such, that they can be converted into lower-capacity burners (this is much more than just limiting the burner).

Overhaul/upgrade package

Really unique is that the lives of the old Thermeta burners can be extremely lengthened by applying the unique overhaul/upgrade package. This makes a 30 years old burner comply with today’s emission requirements!

Oils and fats as fuel

Innovation has made it possible to use the current generation of Thermeta Service BV burners for various combinations of fuels, still doing full justice to the characteristics of the Thermeta Service BV burners. The flexibility in application of fuels or combinations of fuels is obtained through the unique design of the burners, allowing mounting and delivery of these models in the same housings. Ask for our possibilities in connection with your specific application.

Bio-oil burners

Thermeta Service BV is also a very important player in the new market of bio-oil burners. This is also due to the constantly innovative attitude of Thermeta Service BV, which has enabled us to now deliver fully automatic, reliable and efficient bio-oil burners or combination burners with bio-oil for a broad range of bio-oil/fat products.

TWS system for online monitoring of burners

Wateringen, The Netherlands October 2, 2008 – Since last week Thermeta can proudly announce that the first TWS System is set in operation at a Dutch pepper nurery, and with success! TWS stands for Thermeta Web Server, a brand new online device to control the current status and possible failures of the burner/boiler.  Furthermore, Boiler position and temperature are displayed. In case of technical malfunction of the boiler or the CO2 unit, the failure can be reset by a single mouse click on the internet page.

With the TWS System from Thermeta you never have to drive to the boiler house anymore before you know how urgent the failure is. If a failure occurs you can log in on your personal page and reset the burner or CO2 set from every location, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection.  Your personal Internet page is only accessible with a unique Internet address.  Besides you can determine over an online logbook with recent failures and corresponding actions.

Follow this link for more information about the TWS System
Innovation is of great importance to Thermeta Service BV and we trust that also because of this we will remain an important player with respect to innovative, reliable products at a good price in the future.

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