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Thermeta Service BV - History


The foundation for what is now Thermeta Service BV, a successful and leading company in burner technology and boiler construction with applications in greenhouse farming and industry, was laid in the Westlandse Naaldwijk in 1960. Because of his technical knowledge gained in shipping and a good business acumen based on a career in accountancy, Mr H.P. de Gelder became closely involved in the import of rotating, heavy oil burners by N.V. Thermeta. These were sold by installers under the name Termonafta and installed in the regional greenhouse farming branch, that had a great demand for heat.

The introduction of natural gas created a demand for natural gas burners in the late nineteen sixties. These were imported from America under the brand name 'Industrial Combustion'. Later these burners were produced under licence on the own account of IC Thermeta and developed further in order to meet the stringent Dutch law with respect to emission of flue gases. Thermeta developed a new range of products for standard and project applications in the nineteen eighties. Nowadays, Thermeta Service B.V. is based on experience of almost half a century and has been managed by the second De Gelder generation since 1997. The last few years have seen a rapid growth, which made it necessary to move to a new, larger business premises.

Today Thermeta offers its customers a very diverse and complete range of high-quality products and services and with this it has obtained a strong position in the market. It offers a broad range of burners with a selection of gas, bio-gas and oil burners and combined gas and oil burners. The burners are delivered in a capacity range from 10 kW to 20 MW. In short: for each application and capacity Thermeta is the place to be.

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