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Overhaul/upgrade package for older Thermeta burners


Really unique is that the lives of the old(er) Thermeta Service BV burners can be extremely lengthened by applying the unique overhaul/upgrade package.

This can make an almost 40 years old burner comply with today’s emission requirements!

The philosophy underlying this service is that every budget should be served. After the overhaul/upgrade the older burner still looks like the old system. However, appearance is deceiving as the burner now complies with the emission requirements at the time of the overhaul/upgrade. Further, all worn or suspicious parts are replaced and the burner is ready for reliable operation again for many years.

In this way Thermeta Service BV has been able to serve many customers and makes its contribution to sustainable production with very long life-cycles for the Thermeta Service BV burner products.

Do you have an existing IC or Thermeta burner that needs replacement, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if you do not have an IC or Thermeta Service BV burner and your budget is limited, Thermeta Service BV can explain the possibilities.

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