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Quality Thermeta LN-series burners/CE-conformity


All burners produced by Thermeta Service BV comply with the requirements of Machinery Directive (MD) 89/392/EEC, Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC, the Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) 89/336

The design of the Thermeta Service BV LN-series burners is in accordance with the following (harmonised) standards:

  • EN 746-2
  • Industrial thermoprocessing equipment. Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems
  • Visa-B (Dutch standard for gas combustion installations with forced draught burners with max. capacity > 660 kW (ow)
  • GOST-R 1)

The Thermeta Service BV internal quality control systems guarantee that each produced unit is in conformity with the above-mentioned standards.

In order to guarantee safety, efficiency and emissions, each burner system delivered by Thermeta Service BV is accompanied by a comprehensive manual. These user manuals are an inseparable part of the systems delivered by Thermeta Service BV. If storage, transport, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, faults and all other handlings that (may) relate to the system are carried out in accordance with the instructions in the respective manuals, we guarantee a properly operating, safe system with low emission and a long life.

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