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Thermeta LN-series burners for bio-oils and bio-fats


The development of bio-oil burners has been stimulated by market developments and possibilities for subsidies. The applications as well as the purposes of systems vary strongly. Systems are, among other things, used for:

  • Heating
  • Waste processing

Besides, Thermeta Service BV also delivers reliable bio-oil/bio-fat burners for various applications.

Possible fuels:

  • Frying fat vegetable/animal
  • Frying oil
  • Fat vegetable/animal
  • Fatty acids
  • Oil waste flows
  • Fat waste flows

The Thermeta Service BV LN-series burners for heavy oil/bio-oil have low-pressure oil spraying. Also because of this the Thermeta Service BV heavy oil and bio-oil burners are noted for their reliability and efficiency.

The burners have a positive displacement metering pump, a separate vane compressor and a unique air-spraying nozzle construction. The specifically for this purpose designed metering pump, that has been mounted on the burner, is within the design limits independent of the changes in oil temperature and/or change of viscosity.

For reliable systems for viscous/paste-like 1) fuels, Thermeta Service BV preferably delivers complete burner systems including:

  • Heavy oil/ bio-oil/bio-fat pre-heating systems
  • Tank heaters/tank pre-heaters (internal)
  • Tank heaters/tank pre-heaters (submersible)
  • Oil pre-heater/primary pre-heater (unit)
  • Oil pre-heater/secondary pre-heater (burner-mounted)
  • Oil-circulating pump set with strainers and safety devices
  • Start/stop system for viscous fuels
  • Piping

The devices mentioned are also separately available.

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