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Thermeta LN SHAVER burners for simultaneous combustion of gas and oil


Thermeta Service BV delivers burners that can simultaneously be fired by two fuels, the so-called ‘Shaver’ model. The reasons for purchase and application are diverse. Shaver operation is often used in times of a high heat demand in combination with a gas contract (limited use of gas) in order to be able to deliver more heat than can/may be delivered by using just gas. In case of Shaver operation gas is burnt and in case of higher heat demand extra oil is burnt at the same time.

Shaver operation is a fully automatically working system that is activated by a key switch in the burner panel. As long as the heat demand remains below the set (programmed) limited gas use, the burner will behave like a normal modulating gas burner and Shaver operation will be stand-by.

When the heat demand steers the burner up beyond the limit for use of gas, the Shaver operation will be activated when the triggering frequency for Shaver is reached and the burner will simultaneously burn two fuels.

The savings to be achieved are, among other things, dependent on the capacity and application, but the gas contract no longer needs to be based on the coldest days, allowing substantial reduction of the gas contract. In practice this leads to considerable savings and a short pay-back time.

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