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The history of Thermeta Service BV includes ample experience in delivering burners for particularly many oil and fat containing products. With the rise of the natural gas, the delivery of these burners decreased for quite some time. However, the last few years have shown a strong come-back of alternative fuels and the experience from the past appears to be extra useful. Thermeta Service BV may rightfully call itself a ‘specialist’ in the field of burners for diverse types of mineral and bio-oils and bio-fats. The Thermeta Service BV LN-series burners are default delivered in gas model. Quite often a gas burner is provided with ‘emergency oil firing’. In case of trouble with the gas supply this can switch the oil burner to oil by pressing one button and so ensure the heat supply.

The light oil model of oil burners has high-pressure nozzle spraying. The heart of the oil-firing provision is the oil pump that supplies oil to the oil nozzles. The oil firing in this form is simple and has really won its spurs. If the combustion plant is maintained according to the instructions, these systems are very reliable.

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