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Possible model of Thermeta LN-series burners/coding


Thermeta Service BV LN-series burners are extremely flexible in model for use of different fuels and combinations of separately or even simultaneously combusted fuels for very diverse applications. Below a list is given of existing fuel selection possibilities/combinations and models. If your application has not been included, please contact Thermeta Service BV to discuss the possibilities. Often certain applications are very similar in principle and we can on the basis of our expertise still offer you an appropriate Thermeta system

Coding  Model
G Gas
O Oil
I Bio-oil
ZO Heavy Oil
G+O Gas + oil (simultaneously)
(Shaver model)
G+O2  Gas + oil (simultaneously)
(Shaver model) + separate oil operation
L Low-pressure oil spraying
E One revolution burner
T Two revolution burner
F Burner with frequency converter
S Silent burner
C CO2 gun

The Thermeta Service BV LN-series burners are as a standard available in the following models:
EG / EO / EGO / TG / TO / TGO / FG / FO / FGO

The standard gas models are available in the following models:
G+O / G+2O / GC

The standard oil models are available in the following models:

All models are available in a Silent (low-noise) model S.

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