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Burner selection


Selecting a good burner type and model is essential to the success of a project. Selection of a burner type and model depends on a considerable number of factors. We as Thermeta Service BV advise you to go through this process in order to make optimum use of the possibilities of the Thermeta Service BV product range.

Example of factor burner/boiler combination:
We at Thermeta Service BV regard burner and boiler as a team. This team must work well together to achieve maximum results. Some burner/boiler combinations (teams) perform substantially better with respect to emissions than other combinations. As the requirements for combustion with respect to emissions have become more stringent, the interaction between burner and boiler has become more important as well. Thermeta Service BV has very ample experience and expertise concerning very diverse heat exchangers and applications and is therefore very well able to give advice in this field. Besides, every burner is explicitly tuned to the specific situation or, if required, explicitly adjusted to the particular situation. If you have plans or concrete applications, submit your situation/application to the engineering team of Thermeta Services BV, enabling us to give you proper advice.

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